OBSEA (Underwater Camera)
OBSEA (Underwater Camera) Ifremer

Temperature: ºC

Conductivity: S/m

Salinity: PSU

Sound Speed: m/s

Observation made at (UTC)

OBSEA (Buoy)
Wind Speed Wind Direction
m/s º
Air Temp (ºC) Air Pressure
Degrees Celsius bars
Observation made at (UTC)
Temperature (CTD)
Temperature (Buoy Meteo)

Temperature of air near Earth’s surface* : 10.1 ºC

Horizontal Wind Speed** : 3.0 km/h

Wind direction** : 360º To the north

Peak Gust** : 3.0 km/h Relative humidity* : 69 %

Rate of rainfall: 0.0 mm/h

Pressure at the sea level* : 1025.5 hPa

Observation made at 2023-02-03 18:59:34 (UTC)

*Averaged 1 minute.     **Averaged 10 minutes.

Location: 41º 13' 24''N / 1º 44' 11'' / 14m above sea level

Temperature (Ground Station)
Sea Water Temperature (Buoy Multiprobe)
OBSEA (Seismometer)



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OBSEA (Hydrophone)